Headlines from Across the MAP
July 22, 2021
The entire auto industry has been hobbled for months by the worldwide shortage of semiconductor chips, which has prevented manufacturers from producing enough vehicles to meet the demand from Americans eager to spend their pandemic savings and stimulus checks. As a result, many dealerships are practically barren of inventory, and new rides are fetching record prices.
MAP Webinar: Quarterly Webinar - Q3 2021
July 15, 2021
Watch MAP President and CIO Michael Dzialo discuss how we view the economy, our outlook on inflation, and other secular trends impacting the market.
Headlines from Across the MAP
July 15, 2021
Wall Street investors have bought into the Federal Reserve’s assurances that higher inflation won’t last, but a looming trend will test their composure over the coming months: soaring home and rental costs.
Headlines from Across the MAP
July 8, 2021
China’s debt has grown dramatically over the past decade and is one of the biggest economic challenges confronting the ruling Chinese Communist Party, which turns 100 this week.
MAP Views Third Quarter 2021
July 6, 2021
Stocks marched higher during the past three months, marking the fifth consecutive quarterly advance since the pandemic-induced crash last year. Value stocks continued their upward momentum but did give up some of their gains relative to growth stocks in June.
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