MAP Views Second Quarter 2021
April 6, 2021
A noteworthy rotation from growth to value that began late last year continued in the first quarter of 2021. Some of last year's biggest winners underperformed during the quarter, while investors gravitated toward some of last year's laggards. 
Headlines from Across the MAP
March 12, 2021
Running a marathon is similar to being a Value investor, especially in recent years where it seems more like an ultra-marathon. Both activities are painful experiences that require the ability to suffer and persist through physically and emotionally straining times.
How to Evaluate an Investment Strategy
February 23, 2021
There is no perfect statistic or number for selecting a specific strategy; however, we believe some measures can be useful.
Headlines from Across the MAP
January 28, 2021
Risk is all around us. After the events of 2020, it’s not surprising that the level and variety of risks we face have become more pronounced than ever.
Headlines from Across the MAP
January 14, 2021
China is the only major economy expected to report growth for 2020, helping it close the gap with the U.S. Lifted by its quick recovery from Covid-19, it has also expanded its role in global trade and shored up its position as the world’s factory floor.
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