Firm Overview
Disciplined value managers focused on finding advantageous risk/reward opportunities globally.

Managed Asset Portfolios (MAP) provides investment advisory services to individuals, institutions, and financial advisors.

MAP utilizes information from across many sources, including third-party research. However, the company's competitive advantage arises from our fundamental, in-house research on companies, industries, and the economy. Combining our research with a long-term mindset, prudent portfolio risk management, and common sense has proven to offer positive long-term opportunities for capital appreciation.

Why we're unique


Our philosophy and process has shown its strength throughout economic cycles. Our portfolio management team strives to continue our past successes, while continuously learning from successes and failures.
We attract, motivate and retain highly talented and ambitious professionals who share a passion for the global markets and economy.  Our portfolio management team has worked together for over 20 years.
lndependent and employee owned, MAP has aligned interests with our clients and is solely focused on investing. We are unconstrained by ownership affiliations or partnerships with investment banks, broker dealers, accounting firms, insurance companies or law firms.


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