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83 Tons of Fraudulent Gold
August 6, 2020

Put simply: investing in China-based companies is a perilous endeavor. Screening out geographies with inadequate corporate governance and financial controls is essential to Managed Asset Portfolios’ process.

Introducing: Headlines from Across the MAP
August 4, 2020

Investors have a content problem. The constant barrage of information – mostly useless noise – can be overwhelming. At MAP, we spend much of our time reading. We want to point you to our favorite articles. Starting this week, we will be publishing a weekly curation of our favorite reads.

Your Portfolio on Politics
July 24, 2020

We look towards election night and its potential effects on markets: tax policy and pandemic response included.

Value Investing Does Not Mean Low-Multiple Investing
June 16, 2020

MAP still follows the fundamental principle of value investing: buy when the price is below the value of the company.

Managed Asset Portfolios invests globally and selects only its very best ideas, resulting in portfolios with high active share.
Downside Conscious
Following the wisdom of Graham and Dodd, we invest where we believe there is a margin of safety. MAP takes into account economic, market, and idiosyncratic risk when selecting investments for its portfolio.
Long-Term Oriented
We understand that stocks are partial ownership of a business. We invest only in businesses which we would want to hold long term - selling only when we believe the price is right.
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