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MAP’s private clients include retirees, working professionals, successful entrepreneurs, business owners, wealth inheritors and more.  With recognition that savings are the result of lifetimes or generations of hard work and intellect, we are honored to invest on our clients’ behalf.  Given the efforts that go into earning money and the potential implications of losing it, we understand that investment decisions carry great responsibility.

Our investment process reflects our fiduciary duty to place our clients’ interests ahead of our own and includes taking time to learn about their needs and circumstances which can include investment objectives, risk tolerance, time horizons, cash flow requirements, tax issues and other assets.  We then put forth our best thinking to develop, implement and continually evaluate an investment program.  The end result of our process is a portfolio that is structured to help achieve our clients' goals.

As each of our clients have a unique story and their assets are intended for important aspirations, the MAP team brings many years of experience and ongoing dedication to providing superior returns in keeping with our clients’ investment objectives.
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Individual Investors

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