Avoiding Online Scams

Avoiding Online Scams

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Rochester, MI, August 19, 2022 -- Managed Asset Portfolios, LLC (MAP) greatly appreciates our clients who entrust their investments to us. Your online security and financial privacy are very important to us as well. You must be vigilant to safeguard your confidential personal and financial information from online and telephone exploitation. The following are pointers to help you protect your important information.

  • Don’t answer phone calls or open emails from unknown numbers or from companies you’re not involved with.
  • Double-check email address; scammers will use email addresses that are nearly identical to trusted contacts or companies, but they’ll contain a few different characters.
  • Double-check the contents of the email; look out for grammatical, spelling, and formatting errors.
  • Never download “free” software or programs.
  • Avoid using public wi-fi.
  • Use a virtual private network “VPN” if possible.
  • Scammers may use a ruse; it could be a free prize, a warning that you owe money, or a family emergency.
  • Legitimate companies and organizations will NEVER call, email, or text to ask for your personal information like your Social Security, bank account, or credit card numbers.
  • The IRS and Social Security Administration will not call or email you. They will only send physical mail.
    • Do not click on any links or provide information to callers or emails claiming to be from these groups.
  • DO NOT click on links or use phone numbers provided in an email. Instead, search for the website or phone number using your browser.

Password Protocol:

  • Don’t share passwords.
  • Ideally, you should change your passwords every 90 days.
  • Don’t use the same password multiple times.
  • Store your passwords somewhere safe.
  • Use strong passwords.

If you have ANY doubts over the legitimacy of an email or phone call you’ve received, exercise caution. Don’t click links, download free software, pay money, or provide any personal information. Ask a trusted family member or friend before taking action. If you’re still uncertain after checking with a trusted party, reach out to the company in question. Use a trusted search engine like Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge to access the company’s website rather than using contact information provided in a call or email.

The MAP team is extremely grateful for the opportunity to manage your financial investments, and if you have any questions about the content of this letter, please feel free to contact us. We hope everyone has had a great summer and enjoys the beautiful weather while it lasts!





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