Introducing: Headlines from Across the MAP

August 4, 2020

Investors have a content problem. The constant barrage of information – mostly useless noise – can be overwhelming. At MAP, we spend much of our time reading. We want to point you to our favorite articles. Starting this week, we will be publishing a weekly curation of our favorite reads. Here is the first edition:

Bloomberg: "Two Ex-Fed Officials Offer a Faster Way to Make Stimulus Payments"

Omninvest: "The Dollar as a Reserve Currency and the State of Currency Markets"

CNBC: "Op-ed: Keep your Eyes on Russia for an August Surprise of Putin's Making"

NBC News: "Hong Kong Elections Postponed Following Crackdown on Opposition Candidates"

Institutional Investor: "They'd Find Fraud, Fraud, Fraud"

NPR: "State Unemployment Agencies could Take Months to Adapt to White House Proposal, Memos Show"

Techspot: "The Rise, Fall and Revival of AMD"

Napkin Math: "How Costco Convinces Brands to Cannibalize Themselves"

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