Headlines from Across the MAP

September 29, 2021
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NPR: "How A Single Missing Part Can Hold Up $5 Million Machines And Unleash Industrial Hell"

Bloomberg: "In Amazon’s Flagship Fulfillment Center, the Machines Run the Show"

Bloomberg: "A Tiny Piece of Plastic is Helping Farmers Use Less Water"

NPR: "Flying Microchips The Size Of A Sand Grain Could Be Used For Population Surveillance"

Markets Insider: "China Declares all Crypto-related Transactions Illegal and Forbids Overseas Exchanges from Serving its Citizens"

The Wall Street Journal: "Cargo Piles Up as California Ports Jostle Over How to Resolve Delays"

Reuters: "Fuel pumps run dry in British cities, sowing supply chain chaos"

Notes of The Crisis: "Yet Another Debt Ceiling Crisis!"

Zero Hedge: "Gasflation"

The Wall Street Journal: "Bingo Is Back—With Bouncers"

The Hustle: "Why America Has a School Bus Driver Shortage"

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