Headlines from Across the MAP

September 3, 2020

Politico: "How Government Rules Prevent Poor Americans From Saving"

Yahoo Money: "American savings accounts are now ‘steadily declining’ as coronavirus effects linger"

Bloomberg: "Workers Keeping Americans Fed Are Going Hungry in the Heartland"

Marker: "Remote Work Is Killing the Hidden Trillion-Dollar Office Economy"

Nathan Tankus: "Low Interest Rates Don't Drive Market Concentration"

Information Technology & Innovation Foundation: "Competing With China: A Strategic Framework"

Bloomberg: "Markets Aren’t Great at Handling Contested Elections"

Bloomberg: "Social Security Could Stay Solvent Forever by Issuing Bonds"

Yahoo Finance: "University students are increasingly questioning 'full tuition for a diet college experience'"

CNBC: "U.S. tech stocks are now worth more than the entire European stock market"

Barron's: "4 Big Tech Companies Are Larger Than Japan’s Stock Market. Why Investors Should Be Cautious"

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