Headlines from Across the MAP

November 24, 2021
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Yahoo Finance: "Elon Musk In Texas, Zuck In California: Here Is The Richest Person In Each U.S. State"

The Wall Street Journal: "Pension Cash Dwindles, Risking Liquidity Crunch"

Bloomberg: "Inflation Gives U.S. Workers Ammunition in Year-End Pay Reviews"

The New York Times: "The Risk-Return Trade-Off Is Phony"

Bloomberg: "The Great Resignation Is Great for Low-Paid Workers"

Factor Research: "Musing About S&P 500 Valuations"

World Economic Forum: "How 5G Robots Work Alongside Human Employees In Brazil"

CNBC: "Key Inflation Figure For The Fed Up 4.1% Year Over Year, The Highest Since January 1991"

Visual Capitalist: "The Richest Women in America in One Graphic"

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