Headlines from Across the MAP

November 20, 2020
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A Wealth of Common Sense: "The Biggest Stock Market Reversal in History"

Forbes: "Do Value Stocks Really Outperform Growth Stocks Over The Long Run?"

Bloomberg: "Your Next Favorite Restaurant Might Not Be a Restaurant"

Yahoo Finance: "Fastest Emerging-Market Rotation in a Decade Seen Far From Over"

Forbes: "What Delayed The Shift From Growth To Value Stocks For So Long?"

DB Research: "A work-from-home tax"

Financial Times: "How hidden is inflation?"

Seeking Alpha: "Buffett Indicator: Why Investors Are Walking Into A Trap"

Common Dreams: "After Trump’s Payouts Are Gone, What Happens to Farmers?"

Bloomberg: "The American Consumer Is Flush With Cash After Paying Down Debt"

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