Headlines from Across the MAP

July 8, 2021
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CNBC: "These charts show the dramatic increase in China’s debt"

VOX: "How a lizard’s venom inspired the promising weight loss drug Wegovy"

Financial Times: "Inflows into equity funds smash records"

SCMP: "China population: workforce to drop by 35 million over next five years as demographic pressure grows"

Seeking Alpha: "JP Morgan's Panigirtzoglou: Institutional interest in Bitcoin has dried up"

Digg: "How Many Robots Can Run A Grocery Store"

Wellington: "Why fragility is the new reality for the stock market"

Tokenist: "Highest Debt-to-GDP Ratio since WW2 is Coming - CBO Says it’s OK"

KTLA: "Worker shortage likely to last for years because the number of working-age people has shrunk"

Bloomberg: "A Forgotten Chipmaker May be Key to Ending the Global Shortage"

Politico: "Biden’s new dilemma: How to slash housing costs for low-income borrowers"

Bloomberg: "When Will China Rule the World? Maybe Never"

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