Headlines from Across the MAP

July 22, 2021
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Slate: "The Car Market Is Insane. It Might Stay That Way for a While"

Oil Price: "Mexico's Drug Cartels Are Stealing Oil Again"

Visual Capitalist: "Interactive: How the U.S. Population Has Changed in 10 Years, by State"

CNBC: "Chipotle, Target use TikTok to find the workers they need in tight job market"

The New York Times: "Behind the Lordstown Debacle, the Hand of a Wall Street Dealmaker"

Bloomberg: "Apple Delays Office Return by At Least A Month as Covid Spikes"

CAIA: "What About Beta? | The Demise of Alpha"

Factor Research: "Myth Busting: Equities are an Inflation Hedge"

Bloomberg: "What Happened to Price-to-Book Ratio in Value Investing?"

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