Headlines from Across the MAP

July 15, 2021
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The Wall Street Journal: "‘Financially Hobbled for Life’: The Elite Master’s Degrees That Don’t Pay Off"

The Wall Street Journal: "Job Openings Are at Record Highs. Why Aren’t Unemployed Americans Filling Them?"

Bloomberg: "Biden Envisions Thousands of Wind Turbines Spinning at Sea"

The Wall Street Journal: "Borrowing Is Back as Sign-Ups for Auto Loans, Credit Cards Hit Records"

The Strategic Funds: "A Silent Paradigm Shift - The Future Belongs To The Women And The Young Folks..."

Bloomberg: "Take a road trip from New York to California to see infrastructure projects with the potential to make cities more livable and equitable."

NPR: "Beware Of 'Shrinkflation,' Inflation's Devious Cousin"

The Market NZZ: "Interview - Russell Napier: We Are Entering a Time of Financial Repression"

Bloomberg: "Facebook Users Said No to Tracking. Now Advertisers are Panicking"

Slate: "The U.S. Is Rapidly Running Low on Water"

The New York Times: "More Power Lines or Rooftop Solar Panels: The Fight Over Energy’s Future"

Safal Niveshak: "Beware the IP-Ohs"

Politico: "The soaring market that threatens to derail the economic recovery"

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