Headlines from Across the MAP

January 7, 2021
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The New York Times: "Why Markets Boomed in a Year of Human Misery"

The New York Times: "How the Economy Is Actually Doing, in 9 Charts"

A Wealth of Common Sense: "Drawdowns & Melt-Ups: The Year That Was in the Markets"

A Wealth of Common Sense: "Inflation Truthers"

The Irrelevant Investor: "The Year of Stimulus, and Other Great Charts"

The Wall Street Journal: "Investors Double Down on Stocks, Pushing Margin Debt to Record"

Bloomberg: "World Economy Faces Debt Doom Loop, More Inequity Post Pandemic"

Bloomberg: "To Make a Building Healthier, Stop Sanitizing Everything"

Liberty Street Economics: "What’s Up with Stocks?"

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