Headlines from Across the MAP

January 6, 2022
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Financial Times: "ESG Shares Underperform Oil And Gas In 2021"

Visual Capitalist: "Our Top 21 Visualizations of 2021"

The Guardian: "From Economic Miracle to Mirage - Will China's GDP Ever Overtake The US?"

Business Insider: "Jamaica is Rolling Out Its Central Bank Digital Currency In The 1st Quarter Of 2022 After A Successful Pilot"

The Guardian: "How Shein Beat Amazon At Its Own Game - And Reinvented Fast Fashion"

The Washington Post: "The Most Unusual Job Market In Modern American History, Explained"

The Wall Street Journal: "Companies Expect Funding to Stay Cheap, Despite Looming Rate Increases"

Bloomberg: "Customer Service at the IRS Is So Bad, Even Tax Pros Are Fed Up"

Insurance Business Mag: "Global Dealmakers Reach First Positive M&A Performance Since 2016 – WTW"

Adventures In Capitalism: "The Great Rotation…"

Visual Capitalist: "This Infographic Breaks Down Careers In Finance, From Hedge Funds to M&A"

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