Headlines from Across the MAP

January 28, 2021
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Visual Capitalist: "Visualized: A Global Risk Assessment of 2021 And Beyond"

Factor Research: "Market Timing via the VRP?"

Euractiv: "European Central Bank sets up climate team, considers green bonds"

Bloomberg: "Harvard and Yale Endowments Among Those Reportedly Buying Crypto"

Bloomberg: "Today’s Dirty Utilities May Be Tomorrow’s ESG Winners"

Bloomberg: "Could California’s Shopping Centers Be a Housing Fix?"

NBC News: "Just 1 in 10 companies expect all employees to return to the office"

A Wealth Of Common Sense: "9 Uncomfortable Facts About the U.S. Stock Market"

Financial Times: "Is value investing back from the dead?"

Eli Dourado: "Notes on technology in the 2020s"

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