Headlines from Across the MAP

January 14, 2021
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The Wall Street Journal: "China’s Economy Powers Ahead While the Rest of the World Reels"

The Wall Street Journal: "The ‘Small-Cap Effect’ Isn’t Dead, After All"

World Economic Forum: "These 8 charts show how the global economy is coping with COVID-19"

Tim Duy's Fed Watch: "Pushback"

Black Rock: "Two Quiet Clues To 2021 Market Direction"

Marker: "The Bitcoin Dream Is Dead"

The Atlantic: "Why Is There Financing for Everything Now?"

Reasons To Be Cheerful: "Vancouver Gave Homeless People $5,800. It Changed Their Lives"

Oak Tree Capital: "Something of Value"

Forbes: "The Unexpected Evidence That Lowering Your Risk Actually Improves Your Investment Returns"

Bloomberg: "Ultra-Low Interest Rates Are Here to Stay: 2021 Central Bank Guide"

Visual Capitalist: "Predictions Consensus: What the Experts See Coming in 2021"

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