Headlines from Across the MAP

January 13, 2022
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Yahoo: "U.S. Experiencing 'Largest Wave Of Minimum Wage Raises' Ever Despite Federal Inaction"

MarketWatch: "Eurozone Inflation Reaches Historic High"

The Wall Street Journal: "Americans’ Finances Got Stronger in the Pandemic—Confounding Early Fears"

Visual Capitalist: "Companies Gone Public in 2021: Visualizing IPO Valuations"

Barron's: "United Cancels More Flights Because 3,000 Airline Employees Have Covid"

Visual Capitalist: "Industry 4.0: What Manufacturing Looks Like in the Digital Era"

Bloomberg: "Airlines Are Going to Need Big Data to Recover From Covid"

Of Dollars & Data: "Are We Bullish Enough"

The Wall Street Journal: "Where Inflation Rose in 2021 in Seven Charts"

Visual Capitalist: "Visualizing Americans’ Financial Assets by Age"

CNBC: "Despite Higher Wages, Inflation Gave The Average Worker A 2.4% Pay Cut Last Year"

The Wall Street Journal: "People Want to Start Spending Again and Inflation Is Ruining It"

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