Headlines from Across the MAP

December 30, 2021
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The Wall Street Journal: "Since Covid, Hawaii Home Sales Over $10 Million Have Grown Sixfold"

Business Insider: "A Thai Tech Company Surged Nearly 7,000% After Pivoting To Bitcoin Mining, Despite Only Making 8 Coins To Date"

The Wall Street Journal: "The $900 Billion Cash Pile Inflating Startup Valuations"

The Wall Street Journal: "Blame Bad Weather for Your Bigger Bills"

Bloomberg: "2021 In Graphics"

Financial Times: "Companies raise Over $12tn In ‘Blockbuster’ Year For Global Capital Markets"

Business Insider: "Rock Star Ozzy Osbourne Will Launch An NFT Collection Called 'CryptoBatz,' A Nod To When He Infamously Bit The Head Off A Bat In 1982"

CNBC: "More Than Half Of U.S. States Will Raise Their Minimum Wage In 2022, But Employers Are Hiking Pay Faster"

CNBC: "More Americans Took On Holiday Debt This Season, Owing An Average $1,249"

CNBC: "13 U.S. Workers Die On The Job Per Day, On Average—And These Are The Most Dangerous Jobs"

Zero Hedge: "'Bidenflation' Is Systematically Destroying The Middle Class"

Business Insider: "NFT Sales Hit $319 Million Over The Past Week. These Were The 5 best-selling Digital Collections"

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