Headlines from Across the MAP

August 24, 2020

Thomson Reuters: "The $425 billion payment holiday question hanging over Europe's banks"

Yahoo Money: "Coronavirus stimulus: Loss of extra $600 unemployment benefits leads to 44% drop in spending"

Business Insider: "Germany is beginning a universal-basic-income trial with people getting $1,400 a month for 3 years"

Barron's: "‘Stagflation’ Looms Over This Market. Why Some Analysts Are Worried"

The Conversation: "300 years since the South Sea Bubble: the real story behind the iconic financial crash"

Bloomberg: "Corporate America Is Choking on Debt and Imperiling the Recovery"

Yahoo Finance: "Bonds Won’t Cushion Stock Rout, $68 Billion Pension Giant Says"

The Wall Street Journal: "Covid-19 Is Dividing the American Worker"

Barron's: "Keeping Schools Closed Could Cost the U.S. Economy at Least $700 Billion"

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