Michael S. Dzialo

President & Chief Investment Officer

Michael’s leadership and entrepreneurial spirit, grounded in more than 25 years of investing experience, was instrumental in the founding of Managed Asset Portfolios and the building of a successful and growing team – the backbone of the firm’s current and continued success.  Michael leads the Portfolio Management team, guides the strategic direction of MAP and sets the tone for our culture of excellence.

Before founding MAP in late 2000, Michael was the Director of Research for OLDE Financial Corporation, once one of the nation’s largest discount brokerage firms.  He also served on OLDE’s management committee and Board of Directors.  After the sale of OLDE to H&R Block in 1999, he served as the Head of Asset Management for H&R Block Financial Advisors.

Michael studied at Wayne State University, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Finance.  He stayed on at Wayne for his graduate courses and currently sits on the Board of the Business School’s Student Investment Fund.  Michael is a frequent speaker at regional and national client and industry events.


Michael S. Dzialo

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